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Financial Planning


  • Outstanding Research

  • Active Portfolio Management

  • Equities

  • Fixed Income

Equity Selection Process

  • Identify major trends.

  • Our analysts identify which companies are most likely to benefit from these trends.

  • Apply quantitative valuation screens to select the most attractively valued companies.

  • Select companies that meet all of our criteria.

  • Customize your investment portfolio.

We have designed a proprietary equity selection process. As strategic investors we begin by identifying major thematic trends. In selecting these themes we use extensive demographic and economic research. Next we identify which companies are most likely to benefit from these trends. Next we apply stringent quantitative valuation screens to select the most attractively valued companies. Finally, we utilize technical analysis to determine which securities to add to the portfolio and at what price. Only then do we select the companies that meet all of these criteria. This group of companies helps develop the foundation of your equity portfolio. Using customized criteria we then design your personalized equity portfolio.

Fixed Income Investing

When clients choose consistency over maximum performance, it is our opinion that they should expect investment options that help meet their goals. Individual securities, such as bonds provide less risky income and returns on principal by the issuer of these securities. In addition, we also utilize insurance and government securities in structuring portfolios. As a primary barometer in credit selection we use a common sense approach in conjunction with high credit quality issuers to structure our fixed income portfolios.

Estate Planning Strategies

Comprehensive planning to help minimize estate taxes. Our team of experts include:

  • Attorneys specializing in cutting edge estate planning techniques

  • Accountants familiar with tax ramifications of trusts

  • Long-term care specialists

  • Insurance planning strategists

  • Corporate trustees

No matter how much you multiply your assets with successful investing, most people expect at least their original principal to be left to their heirs as a legacy. Estate taxes can have a severe adverse impact on this legacy. With proper planning, you can eliminate or substantially reduce this tax bite. In working with clients of substantial means, faced with these concerns, We have developed a network of estate planning experts. While our primary goal is to grow our clients' assets, our effort would be wasted if we did not help protect their wealth from taxes.
Many of my most affluent clients take a great deal of comfort knowing that they can confidently recommend an experienced advisor to their heirs. They know their family will not only potentially benefit from investment expertise, but also from a full spectrum of professional resources.

In providing quality service to our clients, our goal is to act as their overall financial advisor. We strive to achieve an optimal result by structuring individual portfolios which help to maximize after-tax returns while balancing your needs for consistent investment performance. We formulate a customized investment policy statement for each client so they have a clear road map of their goals.

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